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Wednesday, 30 May 2012 11:32

 Film In Austin’s Review Scale

So in my last job, I would be so exhausted from going non-stop that when I sat down in a movie theater, I would fall asleep.  That is unless the movie was just something really exceptional.  A friend of mine, that I would go to the movies with a good bit, would joke, “so how many Zs do you give it.”  So that is how the scale was born.  In our reviews, it doesn’t mean we actually fell asleep, but it’s an analysis, that if we did, that this is how long we would be out cold.
No Zs – A solid, outstanding movie; there wasn’t any snoozing in this movie
Z – Good movie; sometimes the story may be lacking in some area, but it’s still recommended; only fell asleep for a quarter of the movie
ZZ – Average, entertaining at parts; it may be worth seeing, but you will probably want to wait and rent it; fell asleep for half of the film
ZZZ – Very weak where entertainment, plot, realism, development and other vital elements are missing;  fell asleep for a three-fourths of the movie
ZZZZ – Very poor to the point that you will only recommend for your family and friends “not to see it;”  fell asleep right when the movie began and slept through the whole thing.  Well, you will wish you had spent that time sleeping.



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