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Monday, 24 March 2014 01:17

The Dog

The documentary The Dog followed the life of John Wojtowicz. Wojtowicz’s life was bizarre to say the least, and the way the story is told makes his perverted personality likeable. What is so interesting about the film is how honest John is, and how shameless he is about his actions.

John’s life started innocent enough, he finished school, went to the military, married, and then started sleeping with men while joining the gay rights movement. It was all very typical. John learned he was bisexual while in the military, and expressed himself freely after returning to the states.

The meat of the story comes when his “wife” at the time attempts committing suicide because he/she wants to be a female. John’s love for this woman leads him to rob a bank. She needs money for her operation, and John takes it upon himself to make the dream a reality.

The Premise: John Wojtowicz robs a small bank in order to fund a sex change operation for his gay wife.

Dog Day Afternoon, with Al Pacino, took this premise and made a film about John. John is “The Dog”. The Dog made many references to the film and showed how accurate it was.

While the film was about John’s bizarre life, and unconventional relationships he was a part of, it always had a depressing underlying tone. John lingered on the film and for years hung onto it as his claim to fame.

John passed on from brain and breast cancer, and words like wacky, honest, and bizarre do not do John or his story justice.




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