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Friday, 21 April 2017 04:11


Rating:  ZZ
By:  Amy Elizondo
Summary:  In the early 1900s, a military officer goes on a mission to map new lands in South America and finds adventure while searching for a lost ancient city.
The Good:  The acting in this movie overall was good.  Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, Pacific Rim) plays Percy Fawcett, a British army major turned cartographer and surveyor who is sent to explore some territory in South America.  What I really liked about this film was the narrative because it’s based on a true story and I wanted to see what was going to happen.  It was something I’d never heard of before and it was nice to watch something new.  
The Bad:  With the storyline being so interesting, the film somehow went flat with the execution of the story.  It was really long and there were long, drawn out parts of the film that didn’t seem to move anything forward and were thrown in as sort of decoration.  There were many times when I thought to myself “Alright, get to the point already”.  The film could have been more short and concise.
The Ugly:  The scenery in the movie is quite lovely.  It’s easy to understand Percy’s obsession and desire to keep going back to the Amazon.  Although there were some breaks in the story and sections that didn’t quite fit together, it was still a good adventure film to watch.  Just make sure you’re in the mood to watch a long, drawn out film.


Film In Austin’s Review Grading Scale
No Zs – A solid, outstanding movie; there wasn’t any snoozing in this movie
Z – Good movie, sometimes the story may be lacking in some area, but it’s still recommended; only fell asleep for a quarter of the movie
ZZ – Average, entertaining at parts, it may be worth seeing, but you will probably want to wait and rent it; fell asleep for half of the film
ZZZ – Very weak where entertainment, plot, realism, development and other vital elements are missing; fell asleep for a third of the movie
ZZZZ – Very poor to the point that you will only recommend for your family and friends “not to see it;” fell asleep right when the movie began and slept through the whole thing.  Well, you will wish you had spent that time sleeping



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