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AFF Review: All Relative Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 02:26

Things seemed perfect for Harry and Grace, a young New York City couple who have it all, until Grace's mother turns Harry's world upside down. Will Harry’s past come back and haunt him?

It’s strange when you watch a film and it feels incomplete, that’s the kind of vibe I got from All Relative. The scenes seemed rushed and despite it’s 85 minute run time the film kind of drags as a whole. Sara Paxton is such a great actress that she pulls her character through and you believe her, despite her questionable motives a lot of the times. The rest of the cast isn’t great, but they do their jobs, none of them stick out as bad actors. Just seems like they’re working with a weak script.

When you watch smaller films you hope to see something fresh, that’s why a film liked “Having Fun Up There”, because it seems to be a story that had to be told. All Relative seems like a film that was made for money, but doesn’t seem like a film that will reach the masses. It’s a Katherine Heigl film without the budget or cast.  It's funny at times and weird, but it never goes anywhere you don't expect. 


AFF Review: The Last Five Years Print E-mail
Saturday, 15 November 2014 14:18



The Last 5 Years is by the Tony award-winning writer Jason Robert Brown is a musical about a love affair and a marriage taking place over a five-year period. Jamie Wellerstein is a talented up and coming writer who falls in love with Cathy Hiatt, an actress who is down her luck. This films story is told almost all in song.

If you like musicals you should like this film. It’s the closest thing I’ve seen from a Broadway musical in the cinema. There is very little story progression without it being done in a song format. Everybody in this cast is so talented. That takes you away from the slow moving story. The setting is also so small most of the time musicals feel the need to be some grand epic, but this film keeps it small and fun. I can see fans of musicals calling this the best musical in years.

While I do enjoy the cast and Kendrick gives a performance of a life time showcasing all of her skills as a singer and actress this film is an acquired taste, and frankly it doesn’t fit my taste. I do like the music, but it seems to be too much and it gets hard to follow as the movie goes on. You better love musicals if you see this film. If you are like me and often get annoyed at films when they break out in song, this film isn’t for you. The tunes may be fun and soulful, but I don’t like a song every 2 minutes. 

Film In Austin's Review Grading Scale  


No Zs – A solid, outstanding movie; there wasn’t any snoozing in this movie

Z – Good movie; sometimes the story may be lacking in some area, but it’s still recommended; only fell asleep for a quarter of the movie

ZZ – Average, entertaining at parts; it may be worth seeing, but you will probably want to wait and rent it; fell asleep for half of the film 

ZZZ – Very weak where entertainment, plot, realism, development and other vital elements are missing;  fell asleep for a third of the movie


ZZZZ – Very poor to the point that you will only recommend for your family and friends “not to see it;”  fell asleep right when the movie began and slept through the whole thing.  Well, you will wish you had spent that time sleeping 

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